Global Report

Country Updates

low impact

Israel - 30-Oct

International and domestic mail will be suspended on Tuesday, October 30th due to local elections.  Short delays are expected to occur.

Philippines - 20-Sept

Super typhoon Mangkhut struck the northern part of Luzon in the Philippines on 15 September 2018. Some roads are closed due to landslides and floods. Delays to mail services/tracking events are expected in the following zipcode areas:

2000-2001, 2003-2004, 2010, 2012-2026, 2400, 2410, 2413-2414, 2417-2418, 2420, 2423-2424, 2600, 2604-2606, 2610, 2714, 2810, 2814-2815, 2922, 3002-3003, 3011, 3015, 3019, 3106, 3108, 3110-3112, 3116, 3602-3609, 3800-3802 and 3806.

medium impact

United States - 15-Oct

The Florida panhandle has sustained damage due to Hurricane Michael and deliveries are suspended in many areas with alternate locations being made available for pick up.  The following postal codes are affected.

32423, 32426, 32430, 32438, 32355, 32401, 32444, 32403

Indonesia - 1-Oct

An earthquake and subsequent Tsunami struck the island of Sulawesi.  The Donggala, Palu and Mamuju regions were affected with some areas sustaining damage to local infrastructure.

Subsequently, Post Indonesia has temporarily suspended delivery services to the affected areas with the following postal codes:

  • Palu: 941xx to 942xx
  • Donggala, Parigi and Moutong: 943xx
  • Mamuju Utara: 915xx

high impact

Canada - 18-Oct

Canada Post is experiencing delays due to high volumes of incoming mail. Normal delivery times of 7-14 working days, are taking 3-4 weeks to be delivered.

Canada - 22-Oct

Canada Post is currently experiencing rotating strikes by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.  Locations are striking daily and each location will strike for 24 hours.  Mail and parcels will not be picked up or delivered in strike locations, but normal activity will resume upon rotation.

October 22: In and around Victoria (British Columbia), Edmonton (Alberta), Windsor (Ontario) and Halifax (Nova Scotia).

October 23: Greater Toronto Area (excluding Scarborough) and most of the 905-region.

October 24: Greater Toronto Area (excluding Scarborough) and most of the 905-region as well as Kelowna (British Columbia).

– Toronto is home to a key processing hub for mail and parcels in Canada and the rotating strike may have a significant impact on operations.

Restricted Service Updates


20-Feb 2018:  Correos y Telégrafos is in its final phase to hire additional staff to help clear an ongoing backlog. As a result, international letter-post, parcel-post and EMS services (inbound/outbound) will continue to be disrupted for at least another 4 months. Correos y Telégrafos has asked the designated operators of other countries to hold back any mail destined for Guatemala until further notice.

11-Apr 2017:  The USPS has temporarily suspended mail services to Guatemala until further notice. This will impact the following USPS services; PMEI, PMI, FCMI, FCPIS, IPA, and ISAL. For already deposited items, USPS will endorse them “Mail Service Suspended – Return to Sender” and then place them in the mail stream for return.


2-Nov 2017: Due to political developments in northern Iraq, the government has issued an embargo on flights into the region. It is expected that no deliveries will be possible until the situation is resolved.


12-Jun 2017: Services to Doha are embargoed until further notice.

UAE, Bahrain

6-Jun 2017: According to reports, in accordance with the declaration issued by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are cutting ties with Qatar, the provision of postal services with that member country has, until further notice, been suspended.


Due to civil unrest in Libya, all mail services have been suspended until further notice.


Due to the current exceptional transportation circumstances in the Syrian Arab Republic, all mail and parcel deliveries have been suspended until further notice.


Due to current situations in the Yemen region, all mail services have been suspended until further notice.


The Ukrainian post office, Ukrposhta, has suspended all mail services to Crimea (postcodes 95000-98999), Sevastopol (postcodes 99000-99999), Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast regions until further notice.


Due to the unstable general safety in Somalia, there are no mail services available.